Vacancy of Marketing Director in Almaty
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We need a leader who is capable to secure current loyal consumers and grow a younger generation of consumers.
An FMCG company with a rich history and very loyal consumer audience has been operating in several categories of packaged food market. Despite a high market share it still enjoys sales increase every year.
It has its own (but no optimum) distribution system where retail is the key channel. E-commerce has not been developed in the category yet.
The products are widely available throughout the country but require qualitative review.
Promotion channels are mostly traditional and not optimum.
The company requires a new marketing strategy with a purpose of widening target audience.

We need a marketing blood transfusion and look for an innovative leader capable to secure current consumer base and grow a younger generation of consumers.

You will be responsible for:
1. Market share
2. Profitability
3. Growth of internal and external NPS
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What we can offer in exchange
Monthly salary
From 800 000 tg Net.
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We will be ready to agree on variable part of your compensation as soon as the first results are shown.
Strong team
Together we can build the team we need to succeed. It will be hard but rewarding.
You will be able to develop new products from scratch. Just persuade us that we need them.
Social package
Classical for the market package to maintain a happy social life.
Cross-cultural experience
You will travel and get experience from other markets too.
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