Vacancy of Account Manager in Almaty
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We are looking for Account Manager to expand businesses of our current clients.
We are a big creative agency in Almaty which is a part of local communication group, representing a global network. Our key product - creative ideas on promoting our clients' brands and trademarks to their customers. Our clients portfolio is very stable and consists of network and local advertisers representing a wide range of categories - from FMCG to finance.

We are looking for Account Manager to manage current clients.

You will be responsible for 2 key functions:
1. Successful realization of your clients' tasks and agency's own projects.
2. Establishing environment of trust and partnership with clients.
Want to understand if you fit our requirements or not? Check your skills in the file below and count respective points for each of them. If your total makes from 130 to 165 then we are ready to review your CV and provide you with a control task. Let's go!
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What we can offer in exchange
Monthly salary
From 200 000 tg Net. No delays.
Challenging tasks
Extremely interesting professional tasks from big international and local brands with adequate resources to tackle them.
Strong team
Together we can build a fantastic career. It will be hard but rewarding.
Labour Code
You will be hired and registered as per the Labor Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Professional resources
Resources for your constant growth as a professional, including festivals, competitions, trainings.
Cross-cultural experience
You can travel and get experience from other markets too.