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A brand engagement project for the new launch campaign for “Cafca,” a chewy candy made under the concept to “give comfort to moms”.
We created the world’s first “tear stopper movie” which was proven effective on 96.2% of crying toddlers, relieving moms of their most dreadful stress.
It not only became the absolute lifesaver to all moms that could be used anytime and anywhere on their smartphones, but it served as a solid path to engage the target to the brand.
Ghana's brand concept is "The chocolate that applauds girls with dreams." To communicate this concept we developed TV commercials and—in a truly novel approach—a serialized novel read via cell phone.
The novel is a love story, designed to appeal to the target through a topic in which their involvement is high.It was written to be read while eating the chocolate and updated weekly and released in bursts timed to coincide with Christmas and Valentine's Day, the periods when demand for chocolate peaks in Japan.After the serial ended, it was collected and published as a book.
During the campaign period, the cell phone site was accessed 2.5 million times. Ghana's score on the core brand value "In tune with how girls feel" rose by 5% (from 12% to 17%). Ghana's score for "The leading chocolate brand" rose by 5% (37% to 42%).Sales increased by 10%.

The idea is to use real examples of confusions that children have, with a playful vision, that something could be smart and, in this case, worthy of a reward. To represent this idea, we called the country’s best photographer:
Mauricio Nahas. The production took care to make everything as realistic as possible. This includes research into casting and location. And it was no different with the children’s art. The painting was done on a surface with the texture of a wall, and a math problem was written on cans, with the characteristic imperfections of a child.
The campaign makes people realize that Cacau Show does not just sell fine, expensive chocolates. It also has an option for small, day-to-day moments.

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